John Cena Was Nervous Joining the Fast & Furious Family for F9

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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John Cena talks about joining the Fast & Furious cast for F9, braving his fear of heights for a stunt on set and his children’s book series Elbow Grease.
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John Cena Was Nervous Joining the Fast & Furious Family for F9

Zaman Gamil
Zaman Gamil Օր առաջ
john cena traaaa tteterete
Windsaint Օր առաջ
He’s perfect 👌 fits right in with the movie 🎥 🍿
Messi L
Messi L 3 օր առաջ
Spoiler alert - the next fast and furious movie after f9 is fast10 your seat belts
Mason Routt
Mason Routt 3 օր առաջ
Wait, who is jimmy talking to, I don’t see anyone
Ian Selman
Ian Selman 5 օր առաջ
Hope that person works out John. Not only an awesome wrestler, but a remarkable character in general 🤘
nathanyang17 6 օր առաջ
"Action movie" .. it was actually about racing and cars first.
Kyuyoung Chung
Kyuyoung Chung 6 օր առաջ
I respect you Jone. You did and are doing great works for others.
daizy ortega juarez
daizy ortega juarez 7 օր առաջ
money cardi b
Eldon Orlon
Eldon Orlon 7 օր առաջ
Why is there no one else ? Is Jimmy talking to himself ?
Rohail Abbas
Rohail Abbas 8 օր առաջ
I like how he mentions WWE as his family ❤❤❤
STORY360 Pro
STORY360 Pro 8 օր առաջ
Wow long time after saw my hero John Cena
Phúc Huỳnh
Phúc Huỳnh 9 օր առաջ
i hope im not the only one watching Jimmy having convo with a floating suit.
Ferquin Ripper
Ferquin Ripper 9 օր առաջ
Shitty franchise ever
sdfnbgkbvsd 10 օր առաջ
He was nervous because it was his first heel turn 😂
James brown
James brown 10 օր առաջ
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Huzaifa Bin Fayyaz
Huzaifa Bin Fayyaz 10 օր առաջ
Jimmy and his fake laughs
melapelas 11 օր առաջ
Who is he talking to?
YYakshAA 12 օր առաջ
so the book talks about bts's messages, damn straight john
Anjushree Verma
Anjushree Verma 13 օր առաջ
Weird how Jimmy gets excited about getting exclusive information but Suicide Squad isn't even mentioned in the title or the description Cause it really is a BIG news that his character is getting his own show!
robert gutierrez
robert gutierrez 13 օր առաջ
It just sucks that Paul passed away 😢
Royal blood
Royal blood 13 օր առաջ
The story is basically fucked up
JackHammer Q
JackHammer Q 13 օր առաջ
Why jimmy talk to himself? Wtf
John cena was also great in Bumblembee
Sirius the Star
Sirius the Star 14 օր առաջ
Man, shave that shit off, not the marine cut you used to have. Shave it with a razor instead of having these retarded haircuts that don't suit you.
Kayceemikel 14 օր առաջ
I really happy to see John cena on the tonight show with Jimmy
JambJazz69 14 օր առաջ
Why is the red couch empty
Abdul Mannan
Abdul Mannan 14 օր առաջ
why is Jimmy Fallon talking to himself??
Debashish Kumar
Debashish Kumar 14 օր առաջ
Wait did John Cena just compared Fast and Furious series with the BTS? Wtfffff man
Prem Kym
Prem Kym 14 օր առաջ
John looks more young now, he looks slimer now
Mr. Ezekiel
Mr. Ezekiel 14 օր առաջ
Hey guys I’m worried about jimmy he made a whole episode talking to himself sad 😞
Sapphire Lee
Sapphire Lee 8 օր առաջ
I know i hope hes ok 😢
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 14 օր առաջ
Did Jimmy put he's toupee on with some sticky tape
Santos Mendoza
Santos Mendoza 14 օր առաջ
Paul walker would’ve been good friends with John
Okiji Tope
Okiji Tope 14 օր առաջ
Why is jimmy talking to himself
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong 14 օր առաջ
Bry Red
Bry Red 15 օր առաջ
I like John Cena as the wrestler and the message he brought about not giving up but in interviews he always seemed kinda line a douche. And that he was trying too hard to be funny. This interview he seemed really cool.
-Tom -
-Tom - 15 օր առաջ
Jimmy looks high af 😂😂
Graeme Welsh
Graeme Welsh 15 օր առաջ
Why is jimmy just talking to himself is he doing okay? I feel like quarantine really got to him.
Martin S
Martin S 15 օր առաջ
I appreciate how Cena is serious about his craft.
Martin S
Martin S 15 օր առաջ
Is he wearing a wig?
Axer 15 օր առաջ
John Cena is gonna be on F9? How come he’s not in the trailer?
Das Right
Das Right 15 օր առաջ
They were saying how they owe Vin. Fuck Vin. Vin should be thanking all the big names like the rock, Jason Statham and Jon cena, Charlize Theron for keeping the franchise going.
Eoin Hickey
Eoin Hickey 15 օր առաջ
Well.. Acting in fast isn't really putting your life on the line.
Sandman 15 օր առաջ
Jesus. Its just a movie. One that will suck. Cmon ppl. Think. It aint that serious.
No Chips Only Crisps
No Chips Only Crisps 15 օր առաջ
Dont worry,you will fit right in John.Everybody has bad acting in this "Family".
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 15 օր առաջ
2:20 So does in F&F. Movie=Real life. The familiy.
Mohammad Azharul Islam
Mohammad Azharul Islam 15 օր առաջ
Just look em his head & hair and got quite unfamiliar! Who's like me, press like 🙄
Mavlonov 7707
Mavlonov 7707 15 օր առաջ
It's a Bef
Chance Spivey
Chance Spivey 15 օր առաջ
Have y’all realized “Tokyo drift” is a direct sequel to “Friday night lights”
Ali Shabany
Ali Shabany 15 օր առաջ
Im new here why is jimmy talking to the couch
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 15 օր առաջ
Wtf was this. He was just speaking to himself the whole video??
Blue Cloudd
Blue Cloudd 15 օր առաջ
Fallon is so fucking annoying he just keeps interrupting every 5 seconds I just wanna smack across the face so annoying
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma 15 օր առաջ
F9 the fast saga F10 the last saga
Anderson Burns
Anderson Burns 15 օր առաջ
I don’t see anyone
Dean_Bliek 16 օր առաջ
Kinda sad he couldn’t afford John cena... so he just talking to an empty chair
Broke And Black Productions
Broke And Black Productions 16 օր առաջ
I feel like this is the first time I've seen John talk like himself and be himself in a while and happy
Adrian Blake-Williams
Adrian Blake-Williams 16 օր առաջ
I’m not going to lie but John Cena looks very manly nowadays with his new hair style especially in this video.
k.f 16 օր առաջ
20 years from now he'd make a great mayor.. smooth cena
Gabby Singh
Gabby Singh 16 օր առաջ
John cena should feel no need of overselling it. This fast series sucks and for good reason. They should've ended with 3 movies but they still comes up yearly with stupid dom and his ugly untalented girlfriend.
Pauldjreadman 16 օր առաջ
Sounds like he is reading a WWE promo.
Mobang Darang
Mobang Darang 16 օր առաջ
Jimmy seem he haven't slept well😨
farhan khan
farhan khan 16 օր առաջ
Speaking of suicide squad you never invited Nathan fillion to the show.please invite him too
AG Prxdigy
AG Prxdigy 16 օր առաջ
so we all just watching jimmy talk to himself?
All In One
All In One 16 օր առաջ
Pivarius 16 օր առաջ
John Cena is so amazing. Seems so legit
liттlelosiто 16 օր առաջ
“I can knock & ring the door bell” 😂😂😂
Johnny Redd
Johnny Redd 16 օր առաջ
I been staring at a red couch for the longest..
王小二 16 օր առաջ
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rahul narayanan
rahul narayanan 16 օր առաջ
John Cena looks like the host and Jimmy looks like a guest 😀
Olivia Evans
Olivia Evans 16 օր առաջ
Comeatme Bro
Comeatme Bro 16 օր առաջ
John and Dave Bautista seem to be very humble and very ready to learn and hone in on their crafts as actors from wrestling backgrounds. Good on them. John is particularly enthusiastic about all his projects
Khairil Amri
Khairil Amri 16 օր առաջ
Yo jimmy, who you talking to? I don’t see anyone sitting on that sofa!
John Livingston
John Livingston 16 օր առաջ
John Cena is my hero!!!!
Andrew Ayson
Andrew Ayson 16 օր առաջ
Hey why is jimmy talking to a suit ?
B Trippy
B Trippy 16 օր առաջ
They were so few audience that you were actually able to See John Cena!
Farkhodjon Uzokov
Farkhodjon Uzokov 16 օր առաջ
I would love to see John Cena and Dwayne Johnson in the movie together
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas 16 օր առաջ
Jimmy is starting to look like Tony Montana
Jabbering Butts
Jabbering Butts 16 օր առաջ
Dude so huge he makes a sofa looks like bag of chips
Kevin Saeteurn
Kevin Saeteurn 16 օր առաջ
Fast9 is gonna be Super Awesome can’t wait! There’s gonna be a lot of haters hating on the movie! F the Haters 👍
Aditya mishra
Aditya mishra 16 օր առաջ
Joseph gordon levitt sure buffed up for the role..
?? 16 օր առաջ
I would have never imagined he speaks so well, gained my respect!
Rleck 04
Rleck 04 16 օր առաջ
I can't believe he didn't turn up to Fallon. Jimmy just had to talk into space.
sasquatch dude alex
sasquatch dude alex 17 օր առաջ
He's hiding the mpb pretty well. Hope he gets through it. Use onion juice JC!!
John Cena BEST
KoobNYeej 17 օր առաջ
If John cena of not good with heights how did he win the money in the bank contract
Saeed Alkaabi
Saeed Alkaabi 17 օր առաջ
Why is jimmy talking to himself?
King FROSTY 17 օր առաջ
Who tf I’m suppose to be lookin at bruh
Mclovin Organ donor
Mclovin Organ donor 17 օր առաջ
I don’t see anything
viceboyy 17 օր առաջ
so did jimmy interview air??
looney toons
looney toons 17 օր առաջ
My god cena has really change lol
Andre Whitley
Andre Whitley 17 օր առաջ
He is also sandman in the new Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland
Patrick Gardner
Patrick Gardner 17 օր առաջ
Jim Varney really got into the roids...
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams 17 օր առաջ
It's not fast and furious without Paul Walker.
Mohammed Shakil
Mohammed Shakil 17 օր առաջ
One of the most driven, positive individuals you will ever come across.
Sliiim 309
Sliiim 309 17 օր առաջ
Love this guy
Roland Vera
Roland Vera 17 օր առաջ
He just killed the franchise with his lame acting
Swindle Rushmore
Swindle Rushmore 16 օր առաջ
Lmao shut up “Roland”
TESHALNI A/P RAKESH Moe 17 օր առաջ
I can't see him.Can anyone tell me why I can't see john cena please
David Rock
David Rock 17 օր առաջ
Wait it hough they where on F&F13?
Clear Exam
Clear Exam 17 օր առաջ
Director : we are making fast and furious series Vin Diesel : I think we are making WWE empire 2
Cohen Richmond
Cohen Richmond 17 օր առաջ
Who is jimmy even interviewing? I can’t see anything
Suraj Gautam
Suraj Gautam 17 օր առաջ
John Cena 😘😘😘
Diparshan 17 օր առաջ
Whats wrong with jimmy, he jus talkin with himself
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